5 New Songs/Videos Worth Your Time

Andy February 27, 2012 0
5 New Songs/Videos Worth Your Time

There have been a few music stories/albums/videos of note that are worth passing along.

1.  PERFUME GENIUS:  The Seattle songwriter has been getting more and more attention recently.  He just came out with a new album Put Your Back N 2 It and believe me the title does not reflect the sound therein!  Perfume Genius is heartbreakingly sad and honest about abuse, sexuality and pain.  It’s probably the most honest lyrics I have heard in some time.  Pitchfork recently rated it an 8.4 and Best New Music.  Their review is worth reading.  You can listen to his album on Spotify right now.

2.  BILL CALLAHAN COVERS LEONARD COHEN:  A bunch of artists have been covering Leonard Cohen lately and this version of “So Long, Marianne” is quite excellent.  Of course I am a huge Bill Callahan/Smog fan so this merger was made for me.  You can download the song for free right now via Sound on the Sound.

3.  DAMIEN JURADO ALBUM BEST IN YEARS:  If you have followed us at Will the Fire I guess our love of Damien Jurado is quite apparent.  He has been consistent and persistent with his music for so long!  Hearing the perfected, sweet sound on his new Maraqopa is a breath of fresh air.  There is no pretense here.  The album is available everywhere.  You can listen to it on Spotify.  Check out “Working Titles” and “So On, Nevada” which are both out of this world.

4.  ANOTHER PERFECT IMPERSONATION BY JIMMY FALLON:  In the last few years Fallon has done spot on impersonations of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, David Bowie and now Eddie Vedder.  The joke is changing “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam into “Jeremy (Lin)”.  He goes through the ever growing mythology of Jeremy Lin from sleeping on a couch to superstar for the New York Knicks.  The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon has turned into one of the best places on televisions for bands to play on.  ?uestlove and The Roots give the show a musical integrity that has created a friendly environment for the more creative and unique bands out there.  You can watch Jimmy Fallon as Eddie Vedder here.

5.  LOWER DENS:  The Baltimore group is gaining momentum with the fantastic single “Brains”.  Definitely one of the coolest songs I have heard so far this year.  Give it a listen because it is well worth your time.


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